Hellbreak Prison

Hellbreak Prison
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About Us:

Staff members at Hellbreak have had over 3 Years of server Experience so we know exactly what our players want. If we're doing something that you feel could be improved, don't be afraid to contact us! The support and insight of players is what makes our Prison server one of the best old-school prisons!


Hellbreak Prison is a prison where the worst of sinners are sent to be locked up, and the only way out is to work hard doing various jobs.

Who Are We?
Hellbreak Prison is a prison where you begin by working in the mines to sell their findings or cutting down the large birch trees for money. The money earned may be used to buy more tools, weapons (if you know where to look) or a step closer to freedom, their next rank. Players progress through ranks and will eventually end up as a Free Player,where they have full freedom.

Getting Started
When you first join, you start out as an Condemned prisoner (C ranked prisoner, find out more under Ranks section). As an Condemned prisoner, you are the worst of the worst with very little good deeds ever done in your lifetime. To begin earning deeds you will see the Condemned Mine. Within the mine is: stone, little amounts of iron and coal. You can sell these in the shop located opposite to then ranks and information. You may also engage in PvP (player versus player) and maybe earn their hard-earned materials! Be sure to read the prisoner rules and the server-wide rules!


Access to mine featuring Stone, iron ore and coal Ore
Small, confined block
Very Few commands

5,000] [Lostsoul]

Access to a better mine containing a higher percentage of ores. (For Wood, Use Hell Tree Farm)

[15,000] [Corrupted]

Access to mine with all previous mine materials with higher percentages, diamond ore (rare) and iron ore.

[55,000] [Tormentor]

Access to mine with all previous mine materials with higher percentages.

[250,000] [Demon]
Improved mine, (Diamond and gold very common.) priority for staff members.
[1,000,000] Overlord (The Top Dog) A Mine with insane amounts of; diamond, gold, redstone lapis.'That' One step closer to freedom.


Bannable rules:
Do not abuse glitches, worm through loopholes or abuse bugs.

Advertising other servers/communities is strictly not allowed.

No racism.

Use common sense, no smart alecks or stupid questions.

Cheats of any type are strictly not allowed.

Staff have final say in everything.

Do not spam.

Respect all players (especially staff).

No Hacks/hacked clients.

No smuggling goods from the free world back into prison.