Ender's Lair

Address mc.enderslair.com:25565
Hostname Ender Sandman's Lair Latest Snapshot (1.16)
Pure Vanilla * No Plugins * No Map Resets
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 0 / 50
Location United States of America
Version 20w14~
Website http://enderslair.com
Registered by Enderdeth
Registered since March 6th, 2017 05:57 PM EST
Last update March 6th, 2017 05:57 PM EST
Tag(s) BungeeCord Creative Mcmmo Minigames PvE Skyblock Survival Towny Vanilla

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Server IP: mc.EndersLair.com

Server Description:
We have been around for over a year and a half. We offer features that you have to donate for on most other servers. We have an in-game ticket system to report problems, report players, and provide suggestions for the server. We have an in-game GUI information/help system.

Survival + Server:
Brand new server! Like vanilla but with a ton of new items, mobs, etc.

Here is a list of features on this server:'
Custom Mobs
Custom Drops
Guns and Ammo
Magical Items
Jobs for XP to unlock new items
Force Fields'
Techincal and Electrical Gadgets

Additional items than vanilla Minecraft:
Food and Drinks
Trees and Plants
Resources and Armor
Weapons and Tools

Towny Server:
Ever wanted to play on the servewir where you could have cool features without donating? Then our Towny server is the server for you. We offer the following features that you have to donate for on most other Minecraft Servers. Most features are earned through playing time ranks and rewards.

Standard Features:
/back (even on death)
/feed (Every 15 Minutes)
/heal (Every 15 Minutes)
Portable workbench (/wb)
Up to 10 homes
Up to 10 personal warps
Portable Enderchest (/echest)
Personal Time (/ptime)
Colored Nicknames (/nick)
Fly (/fly)
Colors on Signs
McMMO XP Boosts, Lucky Perks, and Reduced Ability Cooldowns
Change Spawner Types (/spawner)
Fly and Walk Speed (/speed)
Repair hand and inventory (/repair)
Save Inventory and XP (for in-game money)

Other features of our Town Server:
Towns / Economy
Custom Map (15 custom biomes)
The Underground World
Player Market
McMMO / McMMO Kits
Time Ranks and Rewards
Lottery / Scratchoff Tickets
Multiple MyPets
Custom Crafting
Silk Spawners

Kingdoms Server:
Kingdoms (like factions but a lot more features)
Interactive GUI (called Nexus) for Kings to manage Kingdom permissions.
Virtual Inter-Kingdom private chests in the Nexus Beacon to hide important items from spies.
Private Kingdom chat channel for each Kingdom.
Mob Guards (called Champion) that auto spawn and protect your Kingdome from Invasions. Champion can even drag and prevent block building from its attackers!
Buy upgrades for your Mob Guards to make them more powerful.
Buy Turrets and Landmines to protect your Kingdom from hostile mobs and invaders.
Buy placeable items like Outposts and Powercells to upgrade your Kingdom.
All purchasable items/upgrades are purchased with resource points that are earned by feeding the Nexus Beacon resource items.
Invade Kingdoms even no members of that Kingdom are online. Kingdoms are alway protected by Mob Guards (Champions) that auto spawn when a Kingdom is invaded.
Control all settings for your Kingdom with the Nexus GUI (beacon). Shows player resource points, upgrades, champion upgrades and so on!

MyPets - Have mobs as pets. Can have upto 10 MyPets.
Silk Spawners - Pickup spawners with a silktouch pick. Place the spawners anywhere you want.
McMMO - Upgrade your skills and earn special abilities.
FastCraft - Toggle on and off. When on, craft items based on whats in your inventory without needing to know the recipes.

Vanilla Server:
Pure Vanilla
Bed Home/Spawn
/back (only at the vanilla spawn)
Time Ranks and Rewards

Creative Server:
2 Flat Plot Maps (100x100 Plots) (Protected by PlotSquared)
Flat Free Build Map (Protected by Grief Prevention)
Terrain Free Build Map (Protected by Grief Prevention)
Time Ranks and Rewards
World Edit on all maps (Time Rank Reward)
Build Contests

SkyBlock / Acid Island Servers:
Large 400 x 400 Islands
Up to 4 players per island.
Challanges to earn items to help grow you island.

- Make as many different biomes on your island.
- Each greenhouse auto spawns plants and animals for that specific biome

- Powered by bonemeal
Ore Generators can produce ores, sand, dirt, etc.

* Acid Island is SkyBlock but surrounded by acid water causes damage to players and hostile mobs. Rain is also acid and causes damage.